Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Coherent Detection of Polarization Multiplexed Amplitudeand Phase Modulated Optical Signals" presented by AgilentTechnologies!

Coherent Detection of Polarization Multiplexed
Amplitude and Phase Modulated Optical Signals
Onsite Presentation
LOCATION:UCF CREOL Building Room 102
DATE: April 7, 2010
TIME: 12:00 PM to 1:00pm

Get Ready for 40/100G Optical Networks

Why this presentation is important:
This presentation will explore topics of polarization multiplexing.

Polarization multiplexing allows you to increase the spectral
efficiency by a factor of two with minimal effort on the transmitter
side. It is widely discussed especially for the realization of 100G
transmission links. Coherent detection opens a path to demultiplex the
signals on the receiver side just using digital signal processing.

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Optical Networks

Representation of a polarization multiplexed QPSK signal in the Stokes-Space

In this presentation we will discuss Complex Modulation
Polarization Division Multiplexing
Signal Propagation & Jones Calculus
Coherent vs Direct Detection
Instrument Components
Channel Matrix Estimation
Measurement Examples

Presented by Mark Brayer
Senior System Engineer for
Photonics, HS Digital and Wireless Applications

Who should view this presentation:
R&D engineers and researchers and studentswho are new to polarization
multiplexing of advanced optical modulation.

Pizza and drinks will be provided

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