Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Special offer to FPC members for Lasers & PhotonicsMarketplace Seminar at Photonics West

To All Florida Photonics Cluster Members:

Mr. Steve Anderson, Assoc. Publisher and Editorial Director of Laser Focus World, has graciously extended a special offer to members of the Florida, Arizona, and New York photonics clusters. The offer is an extension to January 5 of the "early bird" discount rate $300 discount) for the Pennwell "Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar" on Monday, 26 January at Photonics West. Full information is in the note below from Steve.

If any of your employees will be attending Photonics West, this seminar is an excellent opportunity to get some informed insights into the market and its outlook from an excellent array of seminar speakers. And the discount is a very attractive one.

Jim Pearson
FPC Executive Director

Hi Jim

Good to hear from you. Per your suggestion, Laser Focus World will extend the early bird discount rate of $995 for Big 3 cluster members only until Jan 5.

However, note that our online registration system will not accommodate such “specials” so your members will have to use the attached form (which can also be downloaded from the seminar website) and fax it to the number provided on the form.

They should clearly mark the form as “Cluster Member” to obtain the discounted rate.
The seminar website address is www.marketplaceseminar.com and contains the full program with other details. Also it’s my understanding that there are only a few rooms left available at the Fairmont Hotel so your members should book sooner rather than later.

Best regards


PRESS RELEASE: Ocean Optics Acquires Oerlikon Optics USA Operation

Ocean Optics Acquires Oerlikon Optics USA OperationAgreement is reached on the thin film supplier’s North American operation in Golden, Colorado Dunedin, Florida (December 1, 2008) – Optical sensing pioneer Ocean Optics, Inc. has acquired the Oerlikon Optics business unit in Golden, Colo. Under terms of the agreement, Oerlikon will be fully integrated into Ocean Optics’ Thin Films Division.

Oerlikon Optics USA is a supplier of custom optical components and subassemblies. Its Golden, Colo., operation, including plant assets and customer and supplier relationships, will be transferred to Ocean Optics and become part of the latter’s Thin Films Division.
“Oerlikon has a rich tradition of excellence in both design and manufacturing arts in the optics and thin films industry,“ said Phi Buchsbaum, Vice President of the Thin Films Division of Ocean Optics. “The additional expertise and manufacturing capacity the acquisition provides are the perfect complement to Ocean Optics’ unique optical thin films processes. Our combined resources will result in a new generation of quality, innovative optical and thin film products benefiting an array of industries.”

Ocean Optics (www.OceanOptics.com) is creator of the world’s first miniature fiber optic spectrometer and a leading supplier of solutions for optical sensing – fundamental methods of measuring and interpreting the interaction of light with matter. With locations in North America, Europe and Asia, the company has sold more than 120,000 spectrometers worldwide since 1992. Ocean Optics’ extensive line of complementary technologies includes chemical sensors, analytical instrumentation, optical fibers, thin films and optics. The company is a subsidiary of Halma p.l.c., an international market leader in safety, health and sensor technology.
The Ocean Optics Thin Films Division designs and manufactures patented dichroic filters for entertainment, architectural and display products, as well as precision optics and coatings for scientific applications, defense and metrology. The division has nearly 70 employees, including 10 scientists and engineers. Located in a recently expanded 30,000-square-foot facility in Largo, Florida, the group utilizes advanced lithography equipment and vacuum deposition systems to provide optimal patterned solutions for both established and prototype optical systems. The management team is expert in lithography and optical coating, with extensive experience in avionics, fire control, and spectral sensing projects.

More information is available at www.oceanoptics.com, by calling the Thin Films Division of Ocean Optics at +1 727.545.0741 or by e-mailing OTFinfo@oceanoptics.com.

NIST Technology Innovation Program (TIP) Call for White Papers

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Technology Innovation Program (TIP) is seeking white papers to fulfill its mission "to support, promote, and accelerate innovation in the United States through high-risk, high-reward research in areas of critical national need."

TIP is seeking white papers to help shape the Program's collaborative outreach and competitions in the future. TIP is interested in receiving white papers from anyone including academia; Federal, State, and local governments; industry; and professional organizations/societies.
In this call for white papers, TIP is seeking information in all areas of critical national need, but also seeks information to assist TIP in further defining several topic areas under development. White papers may discuss any area of critical national need of interest to the submitter, or may address any of the following topic areas: civil infrastructure, complex networks and complex systems, energy, ensuring future water supply, manufacturing, nanomaterials/nanotechnology, personalized medicine, and sustainable chemistry.

Please see the Federal Register Notice at http://www.nist.gov/tip/frn_seeking_whitepapers.pdf for further details.

These white papers, along with the vision of the Administration, NIST, other government agencies, the technical communities, and other stakeholders, will be incorporated into the TIP competition selection process for the purpose of understanding the significance and scope needed to adequately address areas of critical national need and associated societal challenges.
For detailed instructions on how to prepare and submit white papers please refer to "A Guide for Preparing and Submitting White Papers on Areas of Critical National Need," available at http://www.nist.gov/tip/guide_for_white_papers.pdf

The deadlines for submission of white papers to TIP are January 15, March 9, May 11, and July 13, 2009.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

University of Central Florida Spring 2009 Career Expo andInternship Fair

The University of Central Florida (UCF) Offices of Career Services and Experiential Learning are pleased to invite you to recruit on our campus through the Spring 2009 Career Expo, Internship Fair and On-Campus Recruiting program. These offices help UCF students plan their careers; enhance learning through co-op, internship, and service-learning opportunities; and obtain employment. Additionally, we help employers and community partners access talented people to meet their workforce needs.

The Spring 2009 Career Expo will be held on January 27, 2009, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the New UCF Arena. This career fair typically attracts over 200 employers and over 1,500 students and alumni seeking full-time, professional positions.
The Spring 2009 Internship Fair will be held on January 28 2009, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the UCF Student Union Pegasus Ballroom. You may register for the Spring 2009 Career Expo and/or the Internship Fair by following the online event registration instructions below.
Registration Deadlines for the Internship Fair and Career Expo Early Registration Deadline: January 9, 2009 Regular Registration Deadline: January 16, 2009

Career Expo Registration Fees
Early Registration: $550.00 per table
Regular Registration: $600.00 per table
Internship Fair Registration Fees
Early Registration: $150.00 per table
Regular Registration: $200.00 per table

New Registration & Payment Policy

Credit cards will be processed within five business days. The early registration payment deadline is January 9, 2009. Failure to provide payment by this date will cause those with unpaid balances to be dropped from the event list. At that time, the regular registration fee will be due in order to participate. Registrations made after January 16, 2009, will be required to pay the regular registration fee due immediately at the time of registration.
Space is limited and table assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, a maximum of five representatives (for Expo) and three representatives (Internship Fair) may staff each table. Registration for these events will close on January 16, 2009, or when the event is sold out, whichever occurs first. To ensure your participation and inclusion in all related publicity, please submit your online registration as soon as possible. Please note that your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received. After January 16, 2009 payment is required at the time of registration. Changes to your registration must be submitted in writing to egould@mail.ucf.edu no later than January 16, 2009. No changes will be made after this date.

To reserve your space, please complete your online registration.
Online Event Registration Instructions for employers with an existing KnightLink account

• Go to http://www.career.ucf.edu/
• On the right side of the home page, under Career Services Spotlight, click on the event you would like to register for
• Click on "Click Here to Register" under employer
• Login to KnightLink using your existing username and password (sign-in tab at the top of the page)
• Click on the Spring 2009 Career Expo or Spring 2009 Internship Fair Registration link
• Complete the registration form and submit
Online Event Registration Instructions for employers without a KnightLink account
• Go to http://www.career.ucf.edu/
• On the right side of the home page, under Career Services Spotlight, click on the event you would like to register for
• Click on "Click Here to Register" under employer
• To create a KnightLink account, click on "Register" tab at the top of the page
• Complete company information (be sure to select career fair in the services requested section)
• After your information is submitted, you will receive your system generated username and password within 24 hours
• Once this information is received, you must log back into http://www.career.ucf.edu/ and follow the above event registration instructions for employers with an existing KnightLink account to register for Spring 2009 Career Expo or Spring 2009 Internship Fair.

We look forward to having your organization participate in the Spring 2009 Events. We will do our best to ensure that your visit will be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. To schedule on-campus interviews to follow-up with UCF candidates for full-time employment, log into your KnightLink account and select "Request a Schedule" under On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) or call (407) 823-2361. To schedule follow-up interviews for internships, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning at 407-823-2667.


Earnestine Gould Jackson, Events Manager Career Services

Sale of Inventory of Optoelectronic Equipment

OPIN have been approached by Continuun Technologies (an asset management company) who has recently obtained a huge inventory of optoelectronic equipment. As a service to you, they have agreed to disseminate the information below so that you may ascertain for yourselves if you are interested in purchasing some of the assets they have in their possession. Continuun Technologies is endeavoring to offer pricing far below what can be obtained from other suppliers, and they can supply pictures and data sheets for most of the material upon request at any time.

They also have a vast amount of materials that are yet to be inventoried, along with a fair supply of used testing equipment, stages (newport), terminal blocks, various polishing equipment, DFB Lasermodules and optical filters. They have provided us with lists of optoelectronic equipment and electronic components they have in inventory, and the Excel spreadsheets are attached to this e-mail. Almost all materials are reportedly brand new and in their original packaging.

Additionally, they have almost 5,000 units of the following in stock: KYOCERA CORP 3322 916 2831-5 BTF 25 OHM 5.5MM FA 30 MICRONS SPECThe contact information for Continuum Technologies is as follows:

Tom Potts
Account Manager
Continuum Technologies
Ottawa, ON Phone: 613-253-9888
Fax: 613-253-3386Email: tom.potts@continuumtech.ca
Website http://www.continuumtech.ca <http://www.continuumtech.ca/>
Messenger tom.potts@continuumtech.ca

If you have any questions regarding any of the materials listed in the attached spreadsheets, please contact Tom Potts directly.

Please note: OPIN is not endorsing any of the materials or making any guarantees of quality, as they are simply relaying the information to you. Please use your best judgment as to the value of the materials listed. If you have any questions about OPIN, or wish to join as a member, they will be happy to hear from you at the coordinates below.

Ontario Photonics Industry Network
2625 Queensview Drive, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2
Phone: 613-828-6274, ext. 272
E-mail: <mailto:Joseph@ontariophpotonics.com> Joseph@ontariophotonics.com
Website: www.ontariophotonics.com <http://www.ontariophotonics.com/>

Monday, December 1, 2008

Florida Small Businesses and Universities Win NASA SBIR, STTR Contracts (Source: NASA/FLORIDA SPACErePORT)

NASA has awarded contracts for 382 "Phase-One" Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) projects that address critical research and technology needs for the agency. Fifteen of the projects include Florida companies or universities (eight companies and two universities).

Florida SBIR companies/projects include: Prioria, Inc. of Gainesville for Multi-Platform Sensor Surveillance Network for Range Control; Zyberwear, Inc. of Ocoee for Multi-layer Far-Infrared Component Technology; United Materials and Systems of Orlando for Low Cost Light Weight Polymer Derived Ceramic Telescope Mirror; Eclipse Energy Systems of St. Petersburg for Thermal Control Nano-Sat; Sol-gel Solutions of Gainesville for Photocatalytic and Adsorptive System for Odor Control in Lunar Surface Systems Using Silica-Titania Composites; and Aeronix of Melbourne for Radiation Tolerant 802.16 Wireless Network.

Among the STTR universities and companies are: University of Florida (with Alabama's cFD Research Corp.) for High-Fidelity Gas and Granular Flow Physics Models for Rocket Exhaust Interaction with Lunar Soil; Keystone Synergistic Enterprises of Port St. Lucie (with Mississippi State University) for Thermal Stir Welding of High Strength and High Temperature Alloys for Aerospace Applications; Streamline Numerics of Gainesville (with Mississippi State University) for Advanced Simulation Framework for Design and Analysis of Space Propulsion Systems; University of Central Florida (with Maryland's Intelligent Automation Inc.) for HPC Benchmark Suite NMx; University of Florida (with Massachusetts' Aerodyne Research Inc.) for Non-Dispersive Atomic Absorption System for Engine Health Monitoring; University of Florida (with New Jersey's NEI Corp.) for High Capacity and High Voltage Composite Oxide Cathode for Li-ion Batteries; and University of Florida (with Pennsylvania's Combustion Research and Flow Technology) for Integrated Component and System Analyses of Instabilities in Test Stands. (11/24)