Thursday, March 4, 2010

URGENT: Proposed Florida R&D Tax Credit -- your help is needed

Support from your company is needed if the company has had any experience with the Federal R&D Tax Credit, as outlined below by Ed Schons. A Florida R&D Tax Credit will certainly help most photonics companies, so please contact Ed as soon as possible to indicate your company's support, or to obtain more information if needed.

Thank you in advance for your support of this important initiative.

Jim Pearson



One of our areas of importance for the FPC is to advocate for beneficial legislation in Tallahassee. You may recall that in the past we ask the FPC members to let us know if they had a positive experience with the Federal R&D Tax Credit and if so would they consider providing testimony in Tallahassee advocating a similar program for Florida. As you may recall 31 other states have created state level R&D tax credit programs.

Fortunate for us, Florida R&D Tax Credit bills will again be before our legislature this year and thus the call for help. Representative Scott Plakon has introduced HB 607 and Senator John Thrasher has introduce SB 1184 that if passed would create a Florida R&D Tax Credit. But to succeed will need help from businesses that could benefit from such a program, so we need to have examples of companies that have had experience with the Federal R&D Tax Credit and would allow their firm name to be used with a quote supporting a similar program in Florida, potentially commit to providing help in Tallahassee by appearing before Committees and or Councils and sending letters of support to our legislators.

As you would guess, time is of the essence and anything we can do to get some help for the members right away is appreciated.

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