Saturday, March 27, 2010

April 14th_2nd Annual Symposium - UCF - Progress Energy Sr. Design in Renewable & Sustainable Energy

UCF College of Engineering & Computer Science
2nd Annual - Progress Energy Senior Design Symposium in Renewable & Sustainable Energy (2010 Symposium)

Wednesday, April 14th - 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM, UCF Student Union

You are cordially invited to join UCF College of Engineering & Computer Science undergraduate students showcasing their innovation, research and talent at the 2nd Annual Progress Energy Senior Design Symposium in Renewable & Sustainable Energy (2010 Symposium) during National Environmental Education Week and preceding Earth Week. Vincent Dolan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Progress Energy Florida, will provide the Symposium's keynote address.

Pre-registration is not required and complimentary registration is provided. For 2009 Inaugural Symposium highlights, please refer to: A partial list of the 2nd Annual 2010 Symposium presentations and demonstrations includes:

· On the Green – Bolt on Hybrid Conversion Kit

· Green Diesel Hybrid – Diesel Conversion

· Organic Rankine Cycle for third world power generation

· Solar Thermal Energy Storage System

· Solar Powered Stirling Buoy

· Solar Parabolic Trough

· Bike Buddy – Human powered bicycle accessories interface

· Power Allocation Phase 3: Lift Stations, Water Treatment and Reclaim Water Facilities

· Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

· Wind Turbine: Train Tunnel Application

· Solar Powered Car Cooler

· Water Tunnel for Turbine Blade Testing

· Solar Water Distiller – Desalination of water for third world countries

· calBox 360 – Human Powered video game console interface

· Wireless Solar Panel Monitoring

· Hydrogen Fuel Cell UAV

· ASHRAE Build & Design Competition – Florida Hospital

Engineering Talent for The Next Wave in Renewable & Sustainable Energy: The UCF Commitment
In keeping with the university mission and commitments, the UCF – Progress Energy Senior Design Symposium is focused on developing socially conscious engineering projects in Renewable & Sustainable Energy. UCF President John Hitt is a member of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment Leadership Circle. UCF has adopted the U.S. Green Building Councils Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards for buildings that are new or undergoing renovations. An ambitious new Climate Action Plan strengthens UCF’s status as an innovative leader in “green” operations, classes and research. The plan will guide the nation’s third-largest university as it works to meet President Hitt’s pledge to become climate neutral by 2050.

During their senior year, UCF College of Engineering & CS students bridge the gap between academic and professional experience by participating in year-long design projects that involve Renewable & Sustainable Energy. Along with their faculty advisors, engineering students work to develop innovative product proposals, conduct the design analysis, design and build a prototype, prepare engineering reports, and present at the Progress Energy Senior Design Symposium in Renewable & Sustainable Energy. Besides showcasing engineering innovation and talent development for the next wave of UCF engineers in the Clean Energy Sector, results include invaluable experiences in project management, leadership and teamwork building.

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