Wednesday, July 15, 2009

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE): Recovery Act - Solid-State Lighting

The DOE recently released 8 funding opportunities related to the Recovery Act. Eligibility for all 8 are unrestricted domestically (unless otherwise noted). More information regarding each of these opportunities is available by searching for the solicitation number (in parentheses below) through the open solicitations on

Recovery Act: Solid-State Lighting Product Development - Round VI (DE-FOA-0000055) invites proposals for product development of general illumination Solid-State Lighting sources, luminaires, and enabling products. Achieving this goal through the systematic use of knowledge gained from basic and applied research to develop or improve commercially viable materials, devices, or systems. Responses are due Aug 17.

Recovery Act: Solid State Lighting U.S. Manufacturing-Round I (DE-FOA-0000057) is announcing funding to achieve cost reduction of solid-state lighting for general illumination through improvements in manufacturing equipment, processes, or techniques. A secondary objective is to maintain, in the case of light emitting diodes, or establish, in the case of organic light emitting diodes, the manufacturing and technology base within the US. Proposals are due Aug 24.

Recovery Act: Solid-State Lighting Core-Round VI (DE-FOA-0000082) is the sixth in a series of announcements projected to span the next decade. As the relevant Solid-State Lighting technology base matures, it is anticipated that the present level, applied research, will advance to market conditioning once the targets for efficiency, cost, longevity, stability, and control are demonstrated in a product environment. Proposals are due Aug 10.

Courtesy ERAU Grant Opportunities Update

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