Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ignite Your Business: The One-Two Punch of Sales & SocialMedia Marketing in a Recession

Ignite Your Business: The One-Two Punch of Sales & Social Media Marketing in a Recession

WHEN: Wednesday, August 5th, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
WHERE: Sheraton Orlando Downtown
60 South Ivanhoe Blvd, Orlando 32804
Pre-Registration Rates:
Members $20
Non-Members $35
(On-Site Registration:
Members $25
Non-Members $40)

Click Here to Register < uK8P4KH7VGuhmIG36PXXfJQmFJ6gmZj1w599nerk9WhvjV6re-sWBOW3fdHJouaTwBJYQWZ_CN5kSTJjvVDPp5v8tV_zQhs74zkWI-ASRO_A7RBQ=>

For Questions Regarding TiE Florida Registration, Membership or Chapter
Information Contact: 407.286.1921

Punch One...Make social media marketing work for YOU! You'll learn the ins-and-outs ofsocial media as part of your marketing mix - from development andimplementation to measurement. Social media and branding expert Nick Nantonwill share best practices, case studies, research and takeaways to help youfigure out the best social media strategies and tactics for your own business.

Punch Two...What if you had the opportunity to learn the skills that would make animmediate and lasting impact to your sales results - even in these toughtimes? What if you could increase your sales by 5%, 10% even 25% in 2009?Eric Shulman, a time tested and results driven sales guru, will deliver theproven sales secrets to allow you to unlock your full potential. In one intensive event, you'll engage with sales and marketing gurus andwalk away supercharged with skills you can apply the next day to increaseyour sales and marketing efforts in any business large or small. As alwaysnetworking, appetizers, learning...

Moderator: Andy Martin

President, Al Dente - Strategy & Marketing Consulting Andy Martin

Andy Martin is an international marketer and entrepreneur withover 20 years of experience in both start-up and established organizations.He has a broad range of expertise that includes strategy development, brandmanagement and internet media. Said plainly, Andy's passion is marketing.To him every business challenge starts and ends with marketing. Brands rulethe day and everything comes second to selling. In his world, if you getthe marketing right, sales naturally follow. Or as he often says, "I'm theguy you call when you want to sell more stuff."For most of his early career, Andy worked in the consumer marketing world.

He's led a wide variety of organizations - big and small - in thedevelopment of breakthrough new products, services and communications.Companies served include well known names such as Kraft Foods, Disney andNickelodeon. On the heels of his corporate experience, in 2003 Andy co-founded Utopia - a successful B2B services start-up with internationaloperations the US, Middle East and India. More recently Andy has focusedhis attention on internet marketing and how to exploit "new" media with the"tried and true".Andy is a West Point graduate and also holds a MBA from NorthwesternUniversity. He has authored numerous articles on topics ranging fromEntrepreneurial Success to Marketing in a Recession, and routinely speaks touniversity and business association groups. Today Andy runs Al DenteMarketing - a niche marketing consultancy - and resides in Orlando, Floridawith his wife, three children., two dogs and a cat named Snoop.


Nick Nanton, Esq.CEO, Celebrity Branding Agency

Known as "The Celebrity Lawyer" for his role in promoting,marketing and creating Celebrity Experts across such diversified fields asentertainment, health and fitness, law, medicine, personal development,finance, and real estate, Nick represents many top Celebrity Experts andserves as the Producer of America's PremierExpertsT television show. He alsoproduces The Next Big ThingT radio show, designed to recognize the topCelebrity Experts and bring their solutions to consumers and media outletsalike. Nick is the co-author of the best-selling book, Celebrity Branding YouT andserves as editor and publisher of Celebrity PressT, a publishing companythat produces and releases books by top Celebrity Experts. Nick and hislongtime business and law partner, JW Dicks, Esq., use their proprietaryCelebrity BrandingR process to help entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs,authors and professional speakers realize their dreams of becoming CelebrityExperts, create multiple revenue streams through IDEA MarketingT, andultimately grow their organizations based on their teachings and systems.

Eric Shulman Owner, Sandler Sales Institute

Eric Shulman is no stranger to sales with over 35 years ofprofessional sales, sales management and training experience behind him. Hehas sold both tangible items and intangible services, moving to the top of anational sales organization (200+ people) in only 3 weeks. He was appointedNational Director of Sales for a major consulting firm as well as havinglaunched and built several small businesses of his own right here inOrlando. Eric has over 25 years of Sandler Training, starting in 1983 when he wasfirst exposed to David Sandler's methodology. He has been studying andusing the Sandler Sales System exclusively for the last decade. During thattime, he had made over 3,000 sales calls and consistently maintained a closeratio of over an industry that averaged 4%. His close ratio wasconsistently three to four times the industry average

TiE Florida Mentor Program

Are you a TiE Member and would like to apply to participate and be matchedwith one of our mentors?The purpose of the TiE Florida Mentor Program is to provide access to theknowledge and experience of TiE Charter Members to the next generation ofentrepreneurs.The TiE Florida Mentor Program is open to those with a solid business ideaand those running a business with plans to expand. This program covers anyand all aspects of a member's needs including business plan refinement,fundraising, operational guidance, business development, and career counseling.

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