Saturday, July 11, 2009

University of Central Florida Opportunity for a Free Summer Intern

Pictures Represent Opportunities for Inspiration in Technology (PROFIT) is a research grant funded by the National Science Foundation between UCF’s College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and the Orange County Public School District (OCPS) with the goal of increasing the number of students in the STEM-IT pipelines. The project had a very successful first year and is moving into the second year of the three year project.

As PROFIT moves into year two there are a select few students of the 60 involved in the first year of the project that have acquired enough skills in computer programming to be marketable and valuable in the workplace. We are reaching out to local businesses in an effort to provide job-shadowing opportunities for these students. Our goal is to help the top 5% of the group, who will be entering their junior year of high school in the fall, find such opportunities this summer in industry-related positions so they will continue their interests in and increase their skills in information management/technology at the same time.

Our idea is to have one of our students work for 30 hours per week in a shadowing position during the time period of July 15th through August 15th 2009. PROFIT will pay the students a stipend - the company will incur no cost. Our students will become more skilled and will understand the value of putting forth an early effort to gain potential long-term earning power in the field.

These opportunities may include job-shadowing, simple office work, or actually working with programming. Each company can tailor the position of the students to meet their individual needs. We will be willing to coordinate the students’ application process and to help arrange interviews between the students and the companies. Please contact Kim Anderson at or 407-882-2073 for further information.

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