Saturday, July 11, 2009

DARPA Solication - Photonics Emitters

DARPA is soliciting proposals in the area of Short-Range Wide-Field-of-View Extremely-Agile Electronically-Steered Photonic Emitters. These awards will help develop chip-scale integrated photonic coherent beam-forming technologies that overcome the limits of opto-mechanical and electro-optical systems while being constrained to small size, weight, and power. Eligibility is open to academia and industry. Federally-funded R&D centers and government entities may only apply if they demonstrate that the work would not otherwise be available from the private sector. Multiple awards are anticipated, with award amounts depending on the quality of the proposals received and the availability of funds. Abstracts are due Jul 24; full proposals are due Sep 24. More information about DARPA-BAA-09-66 is available at:

Courtesy ERAU Grant Opportunities Update

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