Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New website helps connect Florida technology entrepreneurs and their startups with investors and mentors

Orlando, FL – October 20, 2011 - Central Florida Technology Ventures, an angel investment fund in Orlando, is excited to announce the launch of Florida Venture Sourcing (  Florida Venture Sourcing offers Florida’s technology startups a free page to describe their company, their product or service, and the markets they address.  Free pages are also devoted to startup investors and mentors.

“Startups in Florida looking for investment can’t easily get noticed.  Many angel investors don’t know and can’t easily learn about potential deals in Florida.  And those with “career capital” - mentors who want to help startups, can’t readily be found,” said Dennis R. Pape, Managing Director of Central Florida Technology Ventures and founder of the website.  “Using our website, startups can gain visibility to the Florida investor and mentor community while investors can find Florida startup deal flow and people that have “been there and done that” can become connected to the Florida entrepreneurial ecosystem and help Florida entrepreneurs succeed.  For the Florida technology venture community, we’re the only place in Florida where all the news, events, and deals associated with technology startups is reported.  There is also a place to find service providers and jobs in the startup community as well.”

14 startups have already joined the site including rocksho, a Jacksonville-based digital music platform company, Fracture, a Gainesville digital printing startup, Row Sham Bow, an Orlando-based game development studio creating games for social networks, Claro Scientific, a St. Petersburg-based medical diagnostics company, and COWs, a Miami-based mobile storage company.

Pape emphasized that Florida Venture Sourcing is committed to bringing visibility and transparency to the Florida startup community and the investment process.  "The focus of our website is to foster new venture development and growth by providing a single, easily accessible, place where Florida startups, investors, mentors, and the business and technology community can connect.

For more information about Florida Venture Sourcing, please visit or contact
Dennis R. Pape
Florida Venture Sourcing 407-701-5577

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