Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photonics Academy News!

We have received some good news that a full-time teacher, Steven Lindauer, has been hired by the Photonics Academy at Wekiva High School. Steve has an MS from CREOL, 10 years of experience with NASA Goddard and Northrop Grumman Laser Systems, and 4 years with Orange County Public Schools as a Science Lab Teacher at Lovell Elementary School. He has contacted us to help find companies that are interested in the Photonics Academy program and also that are willing to support the program in any of a number of ways. I’ve attached a summary of the program, Steve’s contact information, and an outline of the various ways your company may be able to support this fine education program.

Please let me know, and/or contact Steve Lindauer, if you have questions. I hope your company can provide some support to the Photonics Academy. If so, please let me know for information, in addition to contacting Steve.

Best regards,

Jim Pearson


Photonics Academy – Summary Overview

The Photonics Academy is a dual-degree program designed to engage students early in their high school career, and to prepare them for employment in laser and photonics related occupations as a technician. The Photonics Academy program enables a student to graduate from Valencia Community College (VCC) with an Associate of Science (AS) degree at the same time they graduate from high school.

Upon completion of this program, a student will be able to test, maintain, and troubleshoot as well as have a good working knowledge in safety and handling of lasers, optical devices, and optical systems. Integrated into the instructional content are communications skills, leadership skills, human relations skills, employability skills, safe and efficient work practices, use of circuit diagrams and schematics, soldering, laboratory practices, and technical recording and reporting.

The Photonics Academy program is beginning its 3rd year in the fall of 2011 at Wekiva High School in Winter Park, Florida (https://www.ocps.net/lc/north/hwe/AC/programs/Pages/LaserPhotonics.aspx) and at Valencia Community College (http://valenciacc.edu/asdegrees/engineering/eet.cfm)

Areas where companies can help include the following:

  1. Speaking to students. Talks at either Wekiva High, or at your facility in conjunction with a tour, on what your company does, career opportunities in the field, photonics technologies your products use, your personal experience in the field and why you chose it, etc.
  2. Summer-internships. Paid summer-internships for the students between their junior and senior years provide invaluable hands-on experience. Your firm can employ these students in whatever capacity is available to students of these ages and provide them valuable exposure to the corporate world and the world of photonics.
  3. Lab tours. Tours of your lab and/or manufacturing facilities to expose students to the “real world”, perhaps including introduction of or brief talks by some of your technicians.
  4. Donation or loan of equipment for an instructional lab or funds to buy lab equipment.

Primary contact:

Steven Lindauer, Laser Photonics Academy Instructor

Wekiva High School

2501 N. Hiawassee Road

Apopka, FL 32703

steven . lindauer @ ocps . net


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