Sunday, February 21, 2010

Florida Gov. Wants $100M for Innovation Incentive, $32.6M for Space Florida

(Source: SSTI)Replenishing the Innovation Incentive Fund and investing in space industry, public research, and green energy technologies are among Gov. Charlie Crist's FY11 budget recommendations to grow the state's innovation economy and establish Florida as a pre-eminent global hub. The governor's budget includes $100 million for the Innovation Incentive Fund, which was established in 2006 to attract R&D companies and create high-wage jobs. The fund was depleted in 2008.Space Florida would receive a total $32.6 million, of which $20 million is slated for business recruitment activities in order to provide the necessary resources that align with a new national approach to space exploration, according to budget documents. To provide financing for new and expanding space businesses, the governor recommends $10 million. Another $3.8 million is set aside for general operations, $3.2 million for workforce development, and $3 million to fund targeted projects for business development and recruitment.The remaining $12.6 million is slated for development and management of facilities for space industry businesses. This funding would be used for investment in Exploration Park, a 60-acre technology and commerce park, to refurbish Launch Complex 46, a multi-use commercial launch facility, and to provide for the renovation of facilities for use by entities fulfilling NASA and Air Force contracts. (2/12)


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