Sunday, May 25, 2008

Special Laser Institute of America Discount!

Laser Institute of America (LIA) is a supporter of optics clusters worldwide for the purpose of advancing the application of lasers and laser safety worldwide.

As part of LIA’s support of the Florida Photonics Cluster (FPC), several special discounts are provided to companies and organizations that are FPC members. All FPC members can receive a $100 discount on corporate membership dues for one year with Laser Institute of America (LIA) when joining the LIA as a new corporate member. Additionally, FPC members are eligible for a substantial discount on advertising space through the following LIA media outlets: LIA’s bimonthly newsletter LIA Today, LIA’s monthly online newsletter LIA Connection, LIA Laser Application Resource Guide, the Journal of Laser Applications and LIA’s Website.

To receive these discounts, include a copy of your FPC membership application or dues payment with your LIA corporate member application and/or ad space order. For the LIA corporate member application, make your check for Laser Institute of America for $100 less than the normal dues for the level of membership you choose.

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