Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fast, New Way to Train Your Staff in Laser Safety with LIA’s New Laser Safety Awareness Course Online
ORLANDO, FL, November 28, 2012 — So you are a newly appointed laser safety officer (LSO) with a staff to train. Now you have decisions to make. Do I train my staff myself?  Should I have someone else train them? How do I coordinate their work schedules with training so everyone can make it?  Do I have to create a PowerPoint presentation? Well, the Laser Institute of America (LIA) has just the course for you.
LIA, the recognized leader in laser safety education and resources since 1968, has created a new online Laser Safety Awareness course tailor-made for the rapidly increasing nonmedical laser workforce. LSOs or “laser area personnel” can sign up from anywhere in the world to complete this highly focused training session in about two hours. And, since LIA is the secretariat of the ANSI Z136 laser safety standards, you know you are receiving proper training from the foremost experts in the field.  At the end of your training, you will receive a certificate via email acknowledging you completed the course.
The course will address basic laser physics, beam and non-beam hazards, laser system control measures and current standards and regulations. Based on the ANSI Z136.1, Safe Use of Lasers standard, this course will detail the all-important parameters that can cause bodily harm.
Not only is the Laser Safety Awareness course convenient, it is cost-effective; while the individual cost per trainee is $70, LIA is offering a bulk discount based on the number of “seats” an LSO purchases. An LSO supervising many laser personnel at multiple manufacturing sites will not only save time by not having to create a laser safety course, they can be even more efficient by giving all their staff the same expert course no matter where they work.
To register for LIA’s new Laser Safety Awareness course online, visit or call 1.800.34.LASER.
About LIA
Laser Institute of America (LIA) is the professional society for laser applications and safety serving the industrial, educational, medical, research and government communities throughout the world since 1968., 13501 Ingenuity Drive, Ste 128, Orlando, FL 32826, +1.407.380.1553.

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