Friday, November 26, 2010

Valencia Graphics Portfolio Reviewer Invite

it is quickly approaching that time when students who have made it this far in their portfolio review course have their final "right of passage": their portfolio review evaluation by industry professionals. i know that most of you just enjoy volunteering, however i should mention
we've got quite a few 'rock stars' in our midst this semester, so if you're in need of a rock star, you'll want to be reviewing portfolios so you can snatch them up before someone else does!

although, the students have made it this far, they have not yet passed the course and cannot yet get their degree unless the evaluators give them a passing grade for their portfolio, resume, self-promo and interview (50% of their final grade!). you can expect me to schedule you to meet with approximately 5 students -- each for about 30 minutes per student. evaluation forms and a schedule will be provided upon your arrival, however i've attached a PDF of the evaluation form so you can see what is involved.

we'll need as many volunteer reviewers, preferably with a graphics background, as possible to ensure each of our students gets evaluated by a minimum of two reviewers. if this is something that you or any other qualified coworker/colleague would like to do, please:

1. respond to this post letting us know your interest by Wednesday, December 1st.

2. please let us know if you prefer to interview students with print or web/interactive portfolios (or possibly both).

3. finally, if you could please provide me with your current job title, mailing address, web address and contact information so that students have an opportunity to send thank you cards as well as research your company prior to the interview.

this semester's portfolio review is scheduled for MONDAY, DECEMBER 6TH at 5:45pm - 9:15pm on valencia's east campus in 5-112 (a room hidden behind the cafeteria). sandwiches, snacks and drinks provided. please, let me know if you have any diet restrictions.

for those of you who are new to finding valencia, here is a campus map
and driving directions:

i look forward to hearing from you by december 1st!

Kristy Pennino - program chair, graphics

407.582.2864 * east campus 1-223

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