Thursday, May 28, 2009

SEIA Action Alert!: Senate energy bill moving. Help support pro-solar amendments!

From our friends at the SEIA:

Senate energy bill moving. Help support pro-solar amendments!

Take Action!

Please call Congress NOW!

Senate energy bill moving. Help support pro-solar amendments!Please call Congress NOW!
The Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee will hold hearings on the Bingaman energy bill next week. Numerous amendments that will ensure solar deployment are being debated. Your Senator needs to fight for these amendments that will deploy solar in the energy bill. Without specific deployment mechanisms solar will not benefit from passage of the energy bill. Time is short and we need you to email and call your Senator NOW!
Please see the talking points below: I am urging you to please support the Distributed Generation Carveout (the Stabenow amendment) in the energy bill currently being debated in the Energy & Natural Resources Committee. The RPS will fail to deploy solar unless specific renewable energy provisions are included.

A Renewable Electricity Standard must:

  • Contain a Distributed Generation Carve-Out that is technology neutral (Pass the Stabenow amendment!)
  • Include solar thermal technology
  • Include mechanisms to deploy utility-scale solar It is time to diversify our energy
  • Resources and expand clean, carbon-free energy in the U.S. Thank you for your support.

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