Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) Offers up to 40 Hours of FREE Engineering Support for Qualified Requestors

SATOP is available to any US-based small business or manufacturer (under 500 employees). Apply on-line at www.spacetechsolutions.com by submitting a Request for Technical Assistance (RTA).

How does it work?

Businesses submit a qualified RTA on-line. The SATOP Staff works to find an Alliance Partner (AP) engineer with the appropriate expertise to provide a solution. Once an AP is found, your company can receive up to 40 hours of free assistance by phone, fax or email. Most RTA's will be resolved within 90 days.

What kind of requests can SATOP accept?

Requests should be clearly defined and focused on a specific project within one of the following engineering disciplines:










(SATOP cannot provide software, internet, or information technology solutions.)

The project must appear solvable within 40 hours. Please be prepared to provide drawings, prototypes, or samples as needed, and be available to communicate with the Alliance Partner.

shuttle satop

What do
laser fishing lures, kettle popcorn andnose filters all have in common?

The same thing that a
clothes dryer and a marine safety ladder does ...

The success story samples are just a few of the many successes that SATOP has collected over the years.

SATOP can assist all types of businesses - not just those in the high tech arena. SATOP is a completely FREE service that is funded by NASA and there are no charges whatsoever associated with accessing the program.

SATOP utilizes the technical resources of the US Space Program participants and contractors, NASA centers, universities and colleges

Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program
Technological Research and Development Authority
1050 West NASA Boulevard, Ste 125
Melbourne, FL 32901
www.trda.org www.spacetechsolutions.com
321-872-1050 x103 Fax: 321-872-1051

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