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Seminar: 10.20.10 / CREOL 102 / 11:30-1:30 / “Improved Spectral Characterization of Solar Cells Using a Mapping System Based on a Tunable Optical Sour

Seminar: “Improved Spectral Characterization of Solar Cells Using a Mapping System Based on a Tunable Optical Source”, Dr. Razvan Ciocan CREOL 102 Wednesday, October 20, 2010 / 11:30-1:30

Dr. Razva Ciocan



The system presented in this study has good repeatability (0.5%) and high accuracy in the computer controlled spectral characterization of photovoltaic devices by the determination of internal quantum efficiency over an extended wavelength range. Biasing conditions (for both light and voltage) are fully controlled by computer as well. A corresponding I-V curve can be obtained at the same location without moving the sample on a different set-up. Scanning images (maps) of internal quantum efficiency (IQE) and of external quantum efficiency (QE) can be obtained with high spatial resolution. The sequence of maps demonstrates the capability of the system to perform multispectral imaging on PV structures. I-V curves can be obtained in monochromatic or white light at the same location as IQE curves without a supplemental repositioning.

Parameters extracted from I-V curves can be mapped with the same high spatial resolution. Because IQE curves and I-V curves are obtained at the same location and using the same optics, a full characterization of the photovoltaic device under test is possible in a single run. This system will have a wide range of application in photovoltaics both research and production as it provides high accuracy and extended versatility.


Dr. Razvan Ciocan obtained his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Akron and his MS in Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. He has more than 20 years of experience in developing new methods and devices for spectral characterization of materials using electromagnetic and elastic waves materialized in more than 40 papers, 4 issued patents (2 in the USA and

2 in Romania) and 2 patent applications. Dr. Ciocan joined Newport Corporation in 2008 after a two - year postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School were he was nominated for Young Investigator Award by the Academy of Molecular Imaging in 2007. As a project leader at Oriel Newport Corporation Dr. Ciocan was part of the team that developed a very successful program of instrumentation for the spectral characterization of photovoltaic structures. This project not only brought the Oriel Newport spectral characterization systems in key universities, research laboratories and companies around the world but also led to 4 published papers and two patent applications.

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