Friday, September 17, 2010

Putting the Business Puzzle Together - Lunch & Learn -Sept.23

In our series of seminars "Building Blocks for a Successful Business", David has walked entrepreneurs and business owners through many steps that are essential for strengthening the foundation of a business, especially in the area of financial and capital strategies. In "Putting the Business Puzzle Together" David will focus on key functions within the business that a CEO needs to stay on top of in order to obtain optimal growth.

Are your sales systems capturing essential management information?

Are your product development systems as efficient as possible?

Do you have the right talent in key positions?

Are you allocating resources appropriately?

Are you paying attention to legal requirements for accounting, safety, HR, privacy, etc?


When starting a business, the founders, or CEO's, usually bring a good bit of knowledge and experience in one or more areas of the business, such as sales, service, product development, and the industry. They also may have extensive knowledge of general administration, IT, people management, finance and accounting, and so forth.

While a varied background is helpful, it doesn't always provide a CEO with clear guidance on what should be the key indicators and measures for the business. In this seminar David will point out, in his entertaining, no-nonsense style, what to pay attention to in order for your business to succeed.

You cannot afford to miss his unique insights! Come and join us for an informative and entertaining event!

About DSI

David Stacey International, LLC specializes in helping companies develop the roadmap they need to turn visions into reality. "Telling you what you need to know, not what you want to hear!" is David's guiding motto. In his direct, entertaining style, he delivers solid guidance through presentations and private consultations with businesses.

We welcome you and your business partners to our seminar. When the whole team hears the same messages it can really clarify problems and create forward momentum.

We know your time is very valuable, so we won't waste it. You will receive solid, valuable information and ideas that you can put to use immediately.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

David and Frances Stacey
David Stacey International, LLC

About David Stacey

David Stacey is the owner and CEO of David Stacey International, LLC, a consultancy business that specializes in providing services to owners of companies that need to create or re-create their business model, or that need to raise finance, or evaluate and address performance issues.

An accomplished public speaker, before moving permanently to the USA in 2006, David spent 26 years in International Banking, becoming a world leader in aircraft finance. With teams in several countries, he managed portfolios of over $1.5 billion in assets. Over the last 10 years he has brought his extensive experience to small business owners, advising them how to optimize their business and financial models, and how to raise capital.

David has lived in several countries, speaks Spanish, and graduated with a Masters from Cambridge University, England.

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Please register by Tuesday, September 20. Our Chef thanks you. Online: on our secure upcoming Events Calendar page.

Phone: call Frances 407 834 8419 or c.407 722 0776.


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