Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Power of Story: The most effective tool to grow yourbusiness that you're likely not using!!

NOTE: The UCF Business Incubation Program has forwarded this information to you as a courtesy to one of our partner organizations. One of the speakers - Mike Chriswell - is a graduate of the UCF Business Incubation Program. More information on this interesting topic including how to register can be found in the attached PDF.


Marketing Tells. Story Sells. It is highly likely that the most valuable and cost effective asset you have with which to grow your business is the one you are using the least....YOUR AUTHENTIC BUSINESS STORY. Maybe you think you don't have a story worth telling. Maybe you have no idea how to capture it. Maybe you have no idea how to get your story out for people to hear.

This dynamic workshop conducted by three of the most energetic, powerful speakers you will every hear...who are all successful entrepreneurs...will help you understand WHAT your story is, HOW to effectively capture it, and HOW to share it.

No matter what your profession or passion, you will leave this workshop with a new perspective on how to engage and persuade your audience.

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