Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finding the Right Paths: How You Really Can Figure Out What DoDWants and Needs

Friday, October 15, 2010

8:30-10:30 AM

University Tower, 12201 Research Parkway,

2nd Floor Conference Room #211, Orlando, FL 32826

Please RSVP to Renee Ayala at rayala@mail.ucf.edu or by calling

407-882-0202 for this NO FEE informative event.

Finding the Right Paths:

How You Really Can Figure Out What DoD Wants and Needs

The Content:

Whether you are already doing business with the Department of Defense or you want do, it can be daunting to figure out HOW to find current, accurate information on WHAT the agency needs that might present an opportunity for your company. This presentation will describe the process by which DoD creates new programs and opportunities through its strategic planning. It will include website links and reviews of the various key references for the Military Services which are detailed, public domain information sources, but that you may not easily find otherwise. Mr. Grow will also cover ways you can maximize visibility and reach when working with the DOD.

The session will offer substantial advice and insight as well as answers to some of your questions. A copy of the presentation, which includes many links and reference material, will be provided. We will also be requesting input from you on topics under consideration for subsequent sessions so we can continue to provide you useful information on doing business with DoD.

The Briefer:

David Grow is the President of the International Test and Evaluation Association's Central Florida Chapter. Dave has worked within the Department of Defense as a Staff Officer within two offices of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, on the Army Secretary's staff, in the office of the Chief of Staff of the Army, on the staff of the Air Force Secretary, and on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations. He has served as a strategic planner, a liaison to law enforcement technologists, a gang and graffiti abatement coordinator, and a test director. He is an electronics engineer who has served eight Pentagon tours, 25 years in the DOD, and worked numerous acquisition and contracting actions. Dave's role on the Bradley Live Fire test is actually represented on screen in the film "Pentagon Wars."


The International Test and Evaluation Association's (ITEA) Central Florida Chapter (ITEA-CF) offers:

1) Access to test and evaluation information and representatives to the various professional organizations in the Central Florida region;

2) Assistance in building a bridge between Central Florida small business and the Defense enterprise;

3) Education, awareness, and advancement in the test and evaluation discipline and the overall Defense acquisition discipline through speaking programs, conferences, tutorials, and presentations.

For more information about ITEA, visit the International Association's web site at http://www.itea.org. For information about ITEA-CF, speak with Dave Grow during this event or contact him at dpg22032@gmail.com.

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