Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sale of Inventory of Optoelectronic Equipment

OPIN have been approached by Continuun Technologies (an asset management company) who has recently obtained a huge inventory of optoelectronic equipment. As a service to you, they have agreed to disseminate the information below so that you may ascertain for yourselves if you are interested in purchasing some of the assets they have in their possession. Continuun Technologies is endeavoring to offer pricing far below what can be obtained from other suppliers, and they can supply pictures and data sheets for most of the material upon request at any time.

They also have a vast amount of materials that are yet to be inventoried, along with a fair supply of used testing equipment, stages (newport), terminal blocks, various polishing equipment, DFB Lasermodules and optical filters. They have provided us with lists of optoelectronic equipment and electronic components they have in inventory, and the Excel spreadsheets are attached to this e-mail. Almost all materials are reportedly brand new and in their original packaging.

Additionally, they have almost 5,000 units of the following in stock: KYOCERA CORP 3322 916 2831-5 BTF 25 OHM 5.5MM FA 30 MICRONS SPECThe contact information for Continuum Technologies is as follows:

Tom Potts
Account Manager
Continuum Technologies
Ottawa, ON Phone: 613-253-9888
Fax: 613-253-3386Email:
Website <>

If you have any questions regarding any of the materials listed in the attached spreadsheets, please contact Tom Potts directly.

Please note: OPIN is not endorsing any of the materials or making any guarantees of quality, as they are simply relaying the information to you. Please use your best judgment as to the value of the materials listed. If you have any questions about OPIN, or wish to join as a member, they will be happy to hear from you at the coordinates below.

Ontario Photonics Industry Network
2625 Queensview Drive, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2
Phone: 613-828-6274, ext. 272
E-mail: <>
Website: <>

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