Monday, December 1, 2008

Florida Small Businesses and Universities Win NASA SBIR, STTR Contracts (Source: NASA/FLORIDA SPACErePORT)

NASA has awarded contracts for 382 "Phase-One" Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) projects that address critical research and technology needs for the agency. Fifteen of the projects include Florida companies or universities (eight companies and two universities).

Florida SBIR companies/projects include: Prioria, Inc. of Gainesville for Multi-Platform Sensor Surveillance Network for Range Control; Zyberwear, Inc. of Ocoee for Multi-layer Far-Infrared Component Technology; United Materials and Systems of Orlando for Low Cost Light Weight Polymer Derived Ceramic Telescope Mirror; Eclipse Energy Systems of St. Petersburg for Thermal Control Nano-Sat; Sol-gel Solutions of Gainesville for Photocatalytic and Adsorptive System for Odor Control in Lunar Surface Systems Using Silica-Titania Composites; and Aeronix of Melbourne for Radiation Tolerant 802.16 Wireless Network.

Among the STTR universities and companies are: University of Florida (with Alabama's cFD Research Corp.) for High-Fidelity Gas and Granular Flow Physics Models for Rocket Exhaust Interaction with Lunar Soil; Keystone Synergistic Enterprises of Port St. Lucie (with Mississippi State University) for Thermal Stir Welding of High Strength and High Temperature Alloys for Aerospace Applications; Streamline Numerics of Gainesville (with Mississippi State University) for Advanced Simulation Framework for Design and Analysis of Space Propulsion Systems; University of Central Florida (with Maryland's Intelligent Automation Inc.) for HPC Benchmark Suite NMx; University of Florida (with Massachusetts' Aerodyne Research Inc.) for Non-Dispersive Atomic Absorption System for Engine Health Monitoring; University of Florida (with New Jersey's NEI Corp.) for High Capacity and High Voltage Composite Oxide Cathode for Li-ion Batteries; and University of Florida (with Pennsylvania's Combustion Research and Flow Technology) for Integrated Component and System Analyses of Instabilities in Test Stands. (11/24)

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