Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NIST Technology Innovation Program (TIP) Call for White Papers

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Technology Innovation Program (TIP) is seeking white papers to fulfill its mission "to support, promote, and accelerate innovation in the United States through high-risk, high-reward research in areas of critical national need."

TIP is seeking white papers to help shape the Program's collaborative outreach and competitions in the future. TIP is interested in receiving white papers from anyone including academia; Federal, State, and local governments; industry; and professional organizations/societies.
In this call for white papers, TIP is seeking information in all areas of critical national need, but also seeks information to assist TIP in further defining several topic areas under development. White papers may discuss any area of critical national need of interest to the submitter, or may address any of the following topic areas: civil infrastructure, complex networks and complex systems, energy, ensuring future water supply, manufacturing, nanomaterials/nanotechnology, personalized medicine, and sustainable chemistry.

Please see the Federal Register Notice at http://www.nist.gov/tip/frn_seeking_whitepapers.pdf for further details.

These white papers, along with the vision of the Administration, NIST, other government agencies, the technical communities, and other stakeholders, will be incorporated into the TIP competition selection process for the purpose of understanding the significance and scope needed to adequately address areas of critical national need and associated societal challenges.
For detailed instructions on how to prepare and submit white papers please refer to "A Guide for Preparing and Submitting White Papers on Areas of Critical National Need," available at http://www.nist.gov/tip/guide_for_white_papers.pdf

The deadlines for submission of white papers to TIP are January 15, March 9, May 11, and July 13, 2009.

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