Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Seminar this Friday (10/11) at 1:30 pm in PSB 161

All optical approaches in attosecond science
Kyung Taec Kim

Joint Attosecond Laboratory, National Research Council and U. of Ottawa,

Attosecond pulses obtained through high harmonic generation have become a very important tool to study ultrafast phenomena in atoms, molecules, solids and nano-structures. Attosecond technologies required for the characterization of the attosecond pulses and the laser field have been greatly developed for the last decade. However, the conventional attosecond metrologies rely on the photoelectric effect which is slow and complicated, thus limiting applicable areas. In this talk, I discuss three all-optical techniques that can be used for the study of the ultrafast phenomena in attosecond science.

For the all-optical approaches, the quantum path of the electron in the attosecond pulse generation process is manipulated by adding a weak perturbing field. This modulates the angular distribution of the attosecond pulse at the far-field, from which the attosecond pulse can be completely characterized in space and time. Also, the excursion time of the low-energy quantum path is short enough to measure arbitrary optical waveforms. Furthermore, the quantum paths can be more actively controlled by the angular dispersion of the fundamental laser pulse. The angular dispersion rotates the wavefront of the laser pulse for every half optical cycle. The attosecond pulse generated in each half cycle propagates in different directions, producing multiple isolated attosecond pulses. This “photonic streaking” enables the direct measurement of the ultrafast dynamics in the medium.

2010-present    Research Associate, Joint Attosecond Science Laboratory,
                            University of Ottawa and National Research Council, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2008-2011         Senior Researcher, Advanced Photonics Research Institute,
                            Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, Korea.
2007-2008         Postdoctoral Fellow, Coherent X-ray Research Center, Department of Physics,
                            Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, Korea
2003-2007         Ph.D. in Dept. of Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea.
2001-2002         M.Sc. in Dept. of Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea.
1994-2001         B.Sc. in Dept. of Physics, Kyungwon University, Korea
                            (1995-1997, Military service).



Director, Institute for the Frontier of Attosecond Science and Technology
Distinguished Professor of Physics & Optics, CREOL and Department of Physics,
University of Central Florida,
PS 430, 4000 Central Florida BLVD, Orlando, FL 32816
Phone: (407) 823-4442
Fax:     (407) 823-5112

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