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SID Student Chapter Seminar: 1.17.12 / CREOL 102 / 11-12 / “Fast Switchable Liquid Crystal Cells for Field Sequential Color and 3D Displays”, Vladimir

SID Student Chapter Seminar: “Fast Switchable Liquid Crystal Cells for Field Sequential Color and 3D Displays”, Vladimir G. Chigrinov


Tuesday, January 17, 2012 / 11am-12pm

Vladimir G. Chigrinov

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong


The response time of liquid crystal displays is still inferior to the existent competing technologies, such as plasma display panels (PDP) or organic light emitted diodes (OLED). The target LC cell response time for a field sequential color (FSC) and 3D displays should be less than 1 ms (240 Hz frame frequency) to provide a high resolution, low power consumption and extended color gamut liquid crystal displays (LCD).

Fast electrooptical modes in nematic LC, such as optically compensated birefringence (OCB), no bias bend (NBB) or stressed splay twist (SST) modes do not seem to be very helpful to meet the new requirements for FSC and 3D display applications. Some hope still exists, when the double cell configurations are used.

One of the candidates for fast switching LC materials is a blue phase. However, these materials still suffer a relatively narrow temperature range, too high applied voltage and a hysteresis in the electrooptical response.

Another candidate is a flexoelectric mode in short pitch cholesteric LCs. The mode shows a high dependence of the response on the LC alignment quality as well flexoelectric LC modules, which are mostly responsible for the high contrast ratio and fast switching time.

Fast switching ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) displays (FLCD) is a good candidate for the new generation of field sequential color (FSC) and 3D LCD, which proved to be better in response time, especially deformed helix ferroelectric (DHF) mode and its modifications, which provide a high contrast, and extremely fast switching time for a very low applied voltage.


Prof. Chigrinov is a professor in ECE Department, HKUST, Hong Kong. He is an expert in Flat Panel Technology in Russia, recognized by World Technology Evaluation Centre, 1994. He is also a member of Editorial Board of "LIQUID CRYSTAL TODAY", an associate editor of J. SID, and a SID fellow. He has published 4 books, 17 reviews and book chapters, 186 journal papers, 420 conference presentations and 69 patents and patent applications in the field of liquid crystals and displays since 1974. He also gave several short course lectures and tutorials in conferences hold by SPIE and SID. The paper of M.Schadt, K.Schmitt, V.Kozenkov, V.Chigrinov, Surface-induced parallel alignment of liquid crystals by linearly polymerized photopolymers, Jap. J.Appl. Phys. P.I., Vol.31, pp. 2155-2164 (1992) is number 4 among the most heavily-cited and have been influential papers published in JJAP since the first volume (1962) and have been selected from the various fields of applied physics by the JJAP Editorial Board (

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