Monday, January 9, 2012

Seminar: 1.12.12 / CREOL 102 / 2-3pm / Seminar: “Spectral Sensing: Seeing More Than Your Eye Can See”, Jason Eichenholz

Seminar: “Spectral Sensing: Seeing More Than Your Eye Can See”, Jason Eichenholz


Thursday, January 12, 2012 / 2-3pm

Jason M. Eichenholz Ph. D.

Chief Technology Officer

Ocean Optics, Inc.


Photonics is a driver for technological innovation and is one of the most important key technologies in the 21st century. Spectral sensing, simply described as the measurement of the reflected, transmitted, or emitted spectrum of something is an important aspect of the “photonics toolbox”. Spectral sensing provides tremendous leverage in many new applications such as improved energy efficiency, advanced manufacturing, product authentication, improving health care and prevention and homeland security applications. Often times spectral sensing is utilized in ways not readily apparent or obvious at first glance. This talk will describe the technology breadth and plethora of applications being enabled by today’s spectral sensing products and offer a vision to future applications being enabled by tomorrow’s spectral sensing solutions.


Dr. Eichenholz serves a dual role as the CTO of Ocean Optics and as the Divisional Technology Director for Halma’s Health Optics and Photonics Divisions which includes Labsphere, Fiberguide, Ocean Thin Films, Avo Photonics, Keeler, Riester and Volk Optical is responsible for technology scouting and advising for those organizations. As Ocean Optics’ CTO, Dr. Eichenholz is charged with maintaining its technology and product leadership position in the optical sensing and spectroscopy markets. He is responsible for all aspects of internal and external research, as well as new product and applications development activities. He oversees Ocean Optic’s product development roadmaps and product development process. He also developed the new Blue Ocean Grants open innovation program that is funding more 20 external research programs around the world.

Dr. Eichenholz is actively involved in photonics research, product development and the commercialization of photonics technology.

He written and delivered approximately 50 papers and talks at conferences and in refereed journals in the areas of spectral sensing, spectroscopy, fiber optics and solid state, ultrafast, and frequency-agile lasers. He has multiple internal and external research program ongoing in the areas of new spectrometer designs, MEMS devices, upconverting coatings, patterned dichroic thin film coating, oxygen and pH sensors, and multispectral imaging.

Dr. Eichenholz served as the principal investigator for Air Force and DARPA STTR's and SBIR's and holds six US Patents on new types of solid-state lasers, displays and photonic devices.

Dr. Eichenholz is a senior member of SPIE and OSA and has served on multiple leadership and technical committees for those societies. He also served as a board member for the Florida Photonics Cluster and is on the editorial advisory committee for Laser Focus World and SPIE Professional magazines.

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