Friday, January 22, 2010

Optronic Laboratories is Changing Names!

Effective January 23, 2010, Optronic Laboratories (an FPC member company) and ChromoDynamics will be known as Gooch and Housego, the parent brand of these two photonics market leaders. They will join the other Gooch and Housego materials and components enterprises to broaden the well-known and trusted brand's offerings to include state-of-the-art life sciences imaging and light measurement instrumentation solutions. The new organization will leverage Gooch and Housego's extensive world-wide engineering, operations, sales, distribution and support channels to enhance their response to their client's specific needs. Alex Fong, Senior Vice-President for Gooch and Housego's Life Sciences and Instrumentation segment, stated that "many of our partners require solutions based upon the broad portfolio of capabilities that we offer; the new organization enables us to fully leverage all of our strengths and bring them front and center to meet and exceed customers' expectations."

The Life Sciences and Instrumentation segment of Gooch & Housego enjoys a worldwide reputation as a leader and innovator in the field of optical radiation measurement. From the characterization of the most sophisticated NVIS instrumentation to the compliance of tanning beds, we provide both standard and custom products and services to satisfy the most demanding light measurement applications. Our innovative hyperspectral imaging systems are ideal for applications in microscopy and life sciences, benefitting such research techniques as immunohistochemistry, quantum dots (q-dots), and fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH). Fast and agile scanning by these systems make them well-suited for remote sensing, and defense and security applications.

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