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TAMPA, Fla. – (Jan. 14, 2010) – The Florida Venture Forum (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogggmgphcgjgegbhggfgohehfhcgfgggphchfgncogphcghcp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi) has selected 19 Florida companies to present at the 19th annual Florida Venture Capital Conference, to be held at the Omni ChampionsGate in Orlando On Feb. 2-3, 2010. Registration to attend is still open on the website at http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogggmgphcgjgegbhggfgohehfhcgfgggphchfgncogphcghcp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi.

The 19 presenting companies, some of Florida’s best early-stage prospects for equity financing, will make 12-minute presentations to an audience of venture capitalists, private equity investors, angel investors, investment bankers, financial intermediaries, service providers and entrepreneurs.

Following are the companies selected to present:

Central Florida

Alinean (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogbgmgjgogfgbgocogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Orlando: is the leading developer of value-based interactive demand-generation and sales tools – driving sales and marketing effectiveness by empowering B2B solution providers to better prove and improve the value of solutions to frugal prospects and customers. Alinean fundamentally changes the way that B2B solution providers engage with prospects, with SaaS delivered interactive tools that revolutionize corporate web site interactions and sales presentations / proposals from antiquated feature/function/price selling, to customer focused value engagements - automating opportunity discovery, goal / solution alignment and return on investment (ROI) quantification. Customers include HP, IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Dell, Intel, AT&T, Siemens, Unisys, Thomson Reuters, NetApp, Citrix, Juniper Networks, VMware, Symantec, BlueCoat, Novell, Cisco, Oracle, Sybase, and CA.

Eden Spine, LLC (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogfgegfgohdhagjgogfcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Lake Mary: is a privately held organization developing, manufacturing and selling in the U.S. and abroad a portfolio of new generation spinal technologies, either proprietary or licensed. Eden’s technologies are designed to address the full range of spine care. First, its proprietary less invasive non-fusion technologies have been developed to improve clinical outcomes in the most cost effective manner at each stage of the degenerative disc disease cascade. Second, the company’s fusion portfolio addresses the majority of today’s market needs. Eden Spine is strategically positioned for today and tomorrow’s spinal market, as revenues are shifting toward early stage non-fusion treatments.

Grooveshark/Escape Media Group (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogmgjhdhegfgocoghhcgpgphggfhdgigbhcglcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi ), Gainesville: puts the world's music library at the fingertips of anyone, anywhere. With a mission of providing a digital music service appealing to consumers while compensating artists and rightsholders fairly, Grooveshark represents a paradigm shift in the way music is consumed. By allowing users to unlimitedly stream the tunes they want on demand, Grooveshark attracts users away from illegal piracy--then offers data analytics, advertising and promotional opportunities, and revenue sharing to those who make the music. The result is a music site useful to everyone involved in the emergent music ecosystem.

IZEA, Inc (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogjhkgfgbcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi ), Orlando: is a social media marketing company and the world leader in sponsored conversations. They operate a network of more than 350,000 social media publishers and 30,000 advertisers around the globe. IZEA created the sponsored conversation space in 2006 and has initiated nearly 1M sponsored conversations to date. Sponsored conversations is a techniques where brands provide compensation to online social media publishers for posting original content about a product, service or website on their online space. Social media can be incredibly powerful marketing channel providing multiple layers of conversation for an advertiser. IZEA leverages influencers in social media to deliver campaigns that are measurable, scalable and pervasive.

PatientPoint (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcohagbhegjgfgohehagpgjgoheglgjgphdglcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi ), Orlando: PatientPoint is a transformational health care IT & revenue cycle management company which deploys comprehensive patient facing & physician practice technology solutions to decrease health care costs and generate revenue opportunities from healthcare providers, payers such as Express Scripts & Blue Cross Blue Shield, and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers such as Eli Lilly & Novartis. PatientPoint Kiosk is a patient self registration terminal similar to an airline check in kiosk but in tablet form which is installed in medical practice waiting rooms across the United States at no cost to physician practices with seamless integration to their EMR/EHR/PM systems. Unlike any technology, by partnering with the physician, we decrease patient wait times, increase patient collections, reduce billing costs, free up physician & staff resources, decrease office overhead, empower patients, save patients money on their medications, improve medication adherence/compliance, improve patient outcomes, contain health care costs, and prevent adverse events by alerting physicians and patients of dangerous interactions and gaps in care at the point of care in real time. PatientPoint’s proprietary & protected IP enables the generation of proven revenue streams while benefiting our partners, investors and all members in the health care value chain.

Northern Florida and Panhandle

eLayaway, Inc (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogfgmgbhjgbhhgbhjcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Tallahassee: is a patent-pending application that provides a fiscally responsible payment option to individuals lacking the cash or credit to afford the items they desire. The eLayaway market also consists of fiscally-conscious consumers who see the value in a debt-free payment alternative. eLayaway Consumers choose eLayaway at time of purchase and set payment schedule using an intuitive calculator. Payments are deducted from consumer’s bank account via ACH. Upon payment in full, funds are transferred to merchant and merchant fulfills order. Consumer is charged a flat fee as low as 1.9%. Merchants are charged a monthly fee based on transaction volume.. eLayaway also serves merchants looking for solutions designed to reduce costs, expand markets and drive sales. Retail layaway is a $1.4 Billion market that is currently running on an antiquated system. eLayaway offers the benefits of automation and scalability needed to secure and grow that market. Current providers of eLayaway include professional sports teams (NFL, NHL) and ecommerce platforms with merchant networks in the hundreds of thousands.

LearnSomething (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogmgfgbhcgohdgpgngfhegigjgoghcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi ), Tallahassee: offers three related on-line services to its clients: 1) Outsourced compliance management for pharmacy and grocery retailers: SaaS-delivered customizable e-compliance content and tracking to help them risk manage topics like preventing prescription errors and food safety. More than 160 national retail chains use the services. 2) E-Learning solutions with published customizable content delivered through Learning Management Systems currently used by more than 100 retail chains and 120 national aAssociations. 3) Shopper marketing solutions for in store and the web based on the unique premise of education as the way to promote product purchase. Pilots are launched at more than a dozen major retailers in 250+ store locations, through which retailers test new communication devices with LearnSomething content in the aisle and on blood pressure machines.

Seal Shield LLC (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcohdgfgbgmhdgigjgfgmgecogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Jacksonville: has become a recognized leader in infection control technology. Seal Shield’s patent pending infection control products, such as dishwasher-safe, antimicrobial keyboards and mice, are designed to prevent the spread of deadly diseases. With thousands of installs in healthcare organizations worldwide, Seal Shield is the first line of defense against the spread of infectious pathogens. Not only are they the emerging standard for hospitals, but commercial and consumer applications are demanding Seal Shield’s infection control solutions as well.

ShipXpress Inc (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcohdgigjhahihahcgfhdhdcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Jacksonville Beach is a premier provider of web-based supply chain software as a service (“SAAS”) for bulk products industries including chemicals, bio-fuels, agribusiness, and wood products. Their ShipX software makes rail and truck freight management simpler and more efficient. ShipXpress also provides software solutions for shortline and regional freight railroads through its RailSync subsidiary.

Southeast Florida

Avisena (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogbhggjhdgfgogbcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Miami: helps medical practices improve collections, reduce overhead, and gain control. Avisena offers complete, Internet-based practice management software combined with billing and collections services, including “always local” client services to healthcare organizations of all sizes. Established on May 31, 2001, Avisena embarked on the road to revolutionize the antiquated healthcare industry, which today represents $2.5 trillion or 17.6 percent of the GDP. In order to reform the system, we established a new business model that would differ from traditional billing and collections companies. Avisena offers an integrated revenue cycle management system with the combined collecting power and knowledge base of multiple practices. Our team at Avisena is comprised of talented, dedicated, and hard working individuals leveraging their full expertise to provide the ultimate value for our clients. The company’s experienced specialty-specific medical coding professionals and 24/7 support from a dedicated Account Manager allow all of our clients to collect more, spend less and live better.

BodyLogicMD (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogcgpgehjgmgpghgjgdgngecogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Boca Raton: is the nation's largest and fastest growing network of highly trained physicians specializing in natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Integrated with fitness and nutrition programs, BodyLogicMD physicians treat men and women suffering from hormone imbalance, menopause, and andropause with customized regimens that integrate bioidentical hormone therapy with nutritional supplements and fitness programs.

CareCloud (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogdgbhcgfgdgmgphfgecogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Miami: provides web-based software and services for the healthcare industry. The company’s proprietary software, based on a design that treats healthcare and its participants as an ecosystem, is enabled through a social network to connect doctors, patients and other key participants. CareCloud’s business model is to provide practice management and electronic medical records systems delivered as Software-as-a-Service while offering a revenue-cycle management back-office service. Third-parties such as health plans, large providers and other health care IT providers can also integrate into CareCloud’s ecosystem utilizing the company’s Platform-as-a-Service. CareCloud has built its technology using Open Source systems and cloud computing.

GeneEx, Inc (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcoghgfgogfgfhigjgogdcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Hialeah: is developing rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests for infectious diseases capable of detecting virulence markers produced ONLY during active infections. Unlike current diagnostic assays, GeneEx's tests can detect active infection by detecting pathogens in action as opposed to when they are just harmless colonizers. GeneEx will focus its initial commercialization effort on infectious diseases such as periodontal disease, group A strep and systemic fungal infections. The company has significantly de-risked its operations by patent-protecting its core technology and engaging a leading point of care test developer and manufacturer for production of its tests.

InfoFinder Search Technologies (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogjgogggpgggjgogegfhchdgfgbhcgdgicogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi ), Boca Raton: is a software company that develops, sells and supports comprehensive enterprise search products for small-to-medium sized businesses. InfoFinder’s enterprise search products are designed to increase information worker productivity in the SMB market segment. The software bridges the silos where electronic information is hiding—network shares, intranet, email, SharePoint and other systems. The company’s products allow its users to precisely and securely search millions of company documents, structured and unstructured, located throughout all company silos. The process is executed in seconds through single-point access via an index that updates up to 1 million documents a day.

KLEO Inc (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcognhjglgmgfgpcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Miami: is a technology company with a first-to-market proprietary software - the KLEOplatform™ - that centralizes and aggregates funds distribution, philanthropy and ecommerce in the K-12 education ecosystem. The KLEOplatform drives purchases stimulated by this aggregated activity through their proprietary vendor network- the KLEOnetwork™, and KLEO earns revenue from vendors who pay for access to their K-12 consolidated purchasing.

Options University (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogphahegjgpgohdhfgogjhggfhchdgjhehjcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Boca Raton: is a leading provider of options education to traders of all levels, and provides investors around the world with the very best in options education, media and idea generation tools. Options University's mission is to empower investors worldwide with the best tools and education for long term success and financial independence, and to use options for greater profit and better risk management.

West Central Florida
Acclaris (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogbgdgdgmgbhcgjhdcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Tampa: is the leading software enabled service provider for employee benefits reimbursement, blending best-in-class web-based SaaS technology, innovative processes and a globally distributed workforce. Acclaris provides health plans, financial institutions and HR administrators with an unmatched competitive advantage and up to 50 percent cost savings versus comparable internal or outsourced solutions. Their technology and processes are proven, SAS 70 certified and highly scalable to support the largest, most demanding clients. Acclaris supports all types of reimbursement programs from IRS regulated accounts such as FSA, HRA and HSA to employer designed plans including tuition, retiree medical and fitness/wellness. Acclaris also enables customers to leverage the fundamental shift in the healthcare system that is reallocating responsibilities throughout the value chain of members, providers, carriers, administrators and employers. The Acclaris platform combines a robust rules engine and built-in precedence logic to handle the most complex account/purse inter-dependencies that form the basis of effective consumer driven healthcare (CDH).

eCycling.com (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcogfgdhjgdgmgjgoghcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Largo: is an essential business services provider to large- and medium-sized companies which provides IT and Telecom asset end-of-life programs and services. The Company provides risk management, data sanitization, environmental responsibility and compliance, privacy compliance, IT asset recovery, asset end-of-life eCycling and IT asset lifecycle planning for its customers. eCycling.com services are designed to assist companies in identifying and complying with a myriad of State and Federal laws regarding safeguarding information and the proper disposition of electronic equipment.

Telovations (http://mailmgr.floridaventureforum.org/support/go.asp?u=gihehehadkcpcphhhhhhcohegfgmgphggbhegjgpgohdcogdgpgncp&c=dbdadjdd&l=dbdedgdcdedc&s=dddddf&j=dddcdbdi), Tampa: is the leading IP communications managed service provider in the Southeastern United States. The company provides hosted communications services via a managed, converged network offering a compelling alternative to traditional telecommunication services. Telovations' approach eliminates large capital investments and ongoing overhead and offers flexibility and expandability that small and medium-sized businesses might not otherwise afford, allowing for the addition of devices, modes or coverage on demand.

About the Florida Venture Forum
The Florida Venture Forum, Inc. is Florida's oldest, largest and most prestigious statewide support group for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneurial networking group, the Florida Venture Forum educates entrepreneurs and assists them in identifying sources of venture capital. Created in 1984 by a group of high-level business leaders and academicians, the Florida Venture Forum helps ensure the success of Florida-based entrepreneurial ventures by offering expert counsel and educational advice. Throughout the year, the Florida Venture Forum provides programs on a statewide basis.

Each year, the Florida Venture Forum presents the Florida Venture Capital Conference, now in its 19th year. Florida's only statewide later stage Venture Capital Conference, the event has attracted more than $2 billion dollars in venture capital funding for Florida-based companies since its inception.

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