Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SEIA Solar Action Alert - September 1st, 2009

Solar Advocate,, email your senator today - tell them to support a stronger renewable electricity standard!
SEIA Solar Action Alert - September 1st, 2009

Take Action!

Urge your senators to support a strong renewable electricity standard!

Next week the Senate will return from recess and begin debating the American Clean Energy Leadership Act (S. 1462). This legislation contains a renewable electricity standard (RES) that would require 15% of U.S. electricity be generated from solar and other renewable resources by 2021. Unfortunately, this target falls short of the President's goal - he has called for 25% renewable electricity by 2025. A strong RES is one of SEIA's top policy priorities and is critical for the solar and other renewable energy industries.

Two senators - Tom Udall of New Mexico and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota - are planning amendments that would strengthen the RES. Senator Udall's amendment (S. 433) would match President Obama's goal of 25% renewable electricity by 2025. Senator Dorgan has not yet introduced his amendment, but has promised to do so shortly after recess. We need your help to ensure that the Senate passes a strong RES which deploys all forms of solar technology.

Please act today and urge your senators to co-sponsor Sen. Udall's amendment - S. 433 - and support other efforts to strengthen and pass the renewable electricity standard.

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