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Press Release: Publishing of the Air Cargo Screening IFR

September 15, 2009


Today’s Publishing of the Air Cargo Screening IFR
Adds Considerable Significance to the First Air Cargo Security Summit

Orlando, Florida USA— The First Air Cargo Security Summit being co-hosted by the Global Trade and Commerce Association, Inc. (GTCA) and the Cargo Security Alliance (CSA) was given added significance by today’s publishing of the TSA’s long-awaited Interim Final Rule (IFR) to implement its Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP), as authorized by the 9/11 Act. The CCSP, a voluntary program, is the linchpin of TSA’s air cargo screening strategy, and is being deployed to establish full supply chain security of air cargo by August 2010.

The IFR addresses many of the questions that Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Indirect Air Carriers (IACs) and Air Carriers have about implementing this program, under which TSA will certify cargo screening facilities to screen cargo before it is tendered to aircraft operators for carriage on passenger aircraft.

TSA’s Marc Rossi, Branch Chief of the CCSP, and Doug Brittin, Air Cargo Manager, will be on hand at the First Air Cargo Security Summit to answer questions about the role the CCSP will play in overcoming the hurdles inherent in a 100 percent screening requirement. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn precisely what needs to be done to prepare for the August 2010 deadline and ensure compliance.

The Federal Register notice and text of the TSA interim final rule may be accessed here:

About the First Air Cargo Security Summit

The Global Trade and Commerce Association, Inc. (GTCA) and the Cargo Security Alliance (CSA) are co-hosting the first Air Cargo Security Summit. The event will be held at the DoubleTree Resort Orlando, on International Drive on September 30 and October 1, 2009. Tim Giuliani, Director of Corporate Outreach and Development for the Florida Chamber of Commerce, will be the guest of honor and speaker at the first day’s luncheon. In addition, there will be a reception and equipment demonstration at the offices of LimitLess International, Inc. the evening of September 30, with presentations by several major screening equipment manufacturers, including GE, L-3 Communications, and Smiths’ Detection.

Presenting the summit is part of an effort to educate air shippers and others in the transportation industry on the importance and ramifications of a congressional law requiring the screening of all air cargo placed on passenger jets by August 2010. Non-compliance could result in delays in cargo movement. This possibility adds considerable importance to TSA’s educational efforts. In addition to TSA, USDA and Customs personnel, transportation experts and educators from the Cargo Security Alliance, major trade associations, legal experts, and representatives of US-based and foreign airlines will be there to conduct some of the educational programs.

More information about the Air Cargo Security Summit may be found at the Summit website:

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About the Global Trade and Commerce Association, Inc.

The Global Trade and Commerce Association, Inc. was founded in May 2007, as a non-profit organization providing educational programs on global trade. GTCA’s primary purpose is to promote, serve and educate its members in all corridors of global trade. More information can be found at or by email at

About the Cargo Security Alliance, Inc.

The Cargo Security Alliance provides tools, techniques, technologies and thought leadership in logistics security to mitigate risk and optimize cargo flow across the global air, sea and land supply chains. The initial focus of the Cargo Security Alliance is to help shippers and the air cargo industry meet the U.S. Congressional mandate for 100% screening of cargo carried on passenger aircraft by August 2010. Our vision: “Secure the global supply chain; expedite the flow of commerce”. Agenda specific information can be reviewed on the CSA web site,, or by e-mailing questions to Walt Beadling, representing the CSA at

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