Monday, June 29, 2015

TOMORROW!! Seminar: "The Photonic Lantern" by Dr. Sergio G. Leon-Saval 6.30.15/ 1:00-2:00pm/ CREOL RM 103

Seminar: "The Photonic Lantern" by Dr. Sergio G. Leon-Saval
Tuesday, June 30, 2015 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
CREOL Room 103

Celebrating the International Year of Light 2015

Sergio G. Leon-Saval

The photonic lantern is a low-loss optical waveguide device that connects one multimode waveguide to several waveguides that each support fewer modes. Further, photonic lanterns are mode convertors/transformers with low loss, that can also introduce mode selectivity, scale to many modes, and can be easily integrated with current technologies. In this talk we will review how photonic lanterns are made, how they work and some of the design principles to be understood in these type of devices.

Sergio G. Leon-Saval was awarded his PhD by the University of Bath, UK, in 2006. In October 2007 he joined the Optical Fibre Technology Centre (OFTC) in Sydney, Australia. In 2009, he moved to the Institute of Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS), University of Sydney, Australia where he is currently part of the IPOS Executive Committee; a faculty member of the School of Physics; and Director of the Sydney Astrophotonics Instrumentation Laboratory (SAIL). He has more than 12 years of experience in the area of photonic devices and astrophotonics; during that time he has been involved in several breakthroughs related to multimode photonics, optical fibre technology and astronomical instrumentation. He has direct experience on the fabrication, modelling, and development of optical devices and instrumentation, understanding both the theoretical and experimental aspects. Dr Leon-Saval has co-authored over 55 international refereed journals and more than 100 conference papers and two books chapters since 2004 with over 2661 citations, and a h-index of 25.

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