Monday, May 19, 2014

Seminar: "SWIFTS: a groundbreaking integrated principle for high-performance spectroscopy and optical sensors" by Christophe Bonneville, PhD 5.6.14/11:00am-12:00pm/ CREOL Rm 102

SWIFTS: a groundbreaking integrated principle for high-performance spectroscopy and optical sensors
June 6, 2014 11:00am-12:00pm

Christophe BONNEVILLE, PhD

SWIFTS, or Stationary-Wave Integrated Fourier Transform Spectrometer, is a new, highly integrated high-resolution spectroscopy technology that represents a major advance in the field. It is based on a new way of probing an optical standing wave formed by the light to be analyzed without scanning or moving parts. SWIFTS combines groundbreaking nanotechnology research, integrated optics, microelectronics and embedded software, resulting in high-resolution spectrometer technology bundled into a single robust device measuring a few mm². The story of the commercialization of this technology will be part of the presentation. The technology has been implemented into first products providing a high-resolution high-rate solution for the characterization of lasers. It allows for the first time a dynamic view of their behavior. SWIFTS is also the starting point for breakthrough solutions to address Bragg sensing, high-depth Optical Coherent Tomography and Raman Spectroscopy.
Some references
[1] Le Coarer, E., et al. “Wavelength-scale stationary-wave integrated Fourier-transform Spectrometry”, Nature Photonics, 1, 8, 473 – 478 (2007).
[2] Bonneville, C., et al., "SWIFTS: a groundbreaking integrated technology for high-performance spectroscopy and optical sensors", Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 8616, 86160M (2013) (invited speaker).

Christophe Bonneville is a graduate physicist and a Doctor of Instrumental Optics. Subsequently, he ploughed his experience into fostering R&D activities in the area of instrument development for space, scientific and military applications. In 2006, he joins e2V, one of the global leaders in the field of image sensors. There he focused his energies on pushing the development of new manufacturing processes dedicated to Earth observation and on promoting e2v’s contribution to the development of SWIFTS technology. Then, he joined forces to put together a far-reaching business initiative to present demanding markets with a revolutionary offer based on SWIFTS. Christophe is the co-founder, Executive President and CTO of RESOLUTION Spectra Systems.

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