Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NPI Community Call April 9

On behalf of the National Photonics Initiative (NPI), I would like to invite you to join a call to learn about our recent activities and future plans. These past few months have been busy ones with visits to Capitol Hill and outreach to the Obama Administration.  At the same time, the four NPI Task Forces (IT, Bio, Sensors and High Powered Lasers) have been hard at work fine tuning their "ask" for the government.

We did want to take time out to update our stakeholders on the recent efforts.  We have reached out to those that have been involved in the NPI but we are trying to cast a wide net to reach as many of those from our community as possible.  If you have colleagues who would like to join the call, I encourage you to share this email with them.

Date:     Wednesday, April 9
Time:     2 pm EST 

To register, please email: npi@lightourfuture.org with your name, company and phone number. Registration closes at noon EST on April 9. 

I encourage you to visit the NPI website: http://lightourfuture.org.

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