Monday, January 13, 2014

Miami Herald spotlights our Corridor and Gov. Scott’s support for university-private partnerships

Dear Florida High Tech Corridor Council partners and friends,

I am pleased to share with you a recent article published by the Miami Herald as part of its PolitiFact series that highlights Governor Scott’s support for university-private partnerships, specifically those modeled after the Florida High Tech Corridor Council.

For each year that he has been in office, PolitiFact has tracked Gov. Scott’s campaign promises, including his goal to “pursue additional programs such as FHTCC throughout the state.”  The Florida High Tech Corridor Council model has been studied in the past and more recently used as a model for university and economic development partners that launched Life Sciences South Florida two years ago.  The article notes that the effort is continuing to gain steam with multiple funding partners.

But most importantly, the article showcases the additional investment that the Legislature and Gov. Scott approved to fund our Matching Grants Research Program last year and this year.  That $2 million investment is being used by research faculty at the University of Florida to solve commercialization challenges for local high tech companies … challenges such as optimizing the performance of thermoelectric generators for unmanned aerial vehicles; and, enhancing sensor technology that wirelessly detects heartbeat, respiration and other vital signs.

The added funding for UF’s participation in our Matching Grants Research Program is sure to have a lasting impact on this region’s innovation economy, and I am grateful to see that supporting university-private partnerships is a priority championed by our governor, our state legislators, and most importantly, our Florida High Tech Corridor Council members and partners.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

Best regards,
Randy Berridge

Randy Berridge

Florida High Tech Corridor Council

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