Thursday, September 12, 2013


The UCF Externship program has grown and is now offered during all three academic semesters (Summer, Winter, Spring). The online registration form (see link below) allows you the option to register for multiple programs at once, or register for one now and another later.
The purpose of the Externship Program is to give students an opportunity to explore specific career fields and industries while networking with local employers. We are currently in the process of recruiting companies within and outside of the Central Florida community to serve as host employers.  Companies participating in the externship program are able to brand their organization at the second largest university in the country while identifying top talent for possible internship or professional positions.
This free program is open to all majors and class levels and is a one day to five day (8 hours to 40 hours) job shadowing experience. Because you know your business, industry and organization best, you determine what types of experiences UCF student externs matched with your company will have, from hands-on activities to strictly observational options, and how long they will last. Also, you can choose to host multiple externs in various career focus areas.
For employers who are visiting the UCF Career Expo, participation in the Externship program is an avenue which allows employers to screen candidates and further interact with students who have made a positive impression at the Expo. There is a pre-select benefit available to visiting employers who would like to request a particular student(s) to host as an extern. To take advantage of this option, please fill out and return the pre-select form given to you by the Externship team.
The online registration form to participate in the Externship program will be active throughout the year. You can register now for both the Winter 2013 and Spring 2014 program or register for Winter 2013 now and Spring 2014 at a later date.
The established dates for each semester's externship programs are:
Winter 2013: December 16 - 20                                  Deadline to register: October 11, 2013
Spring 2014: March 3 - 7                                                                Deadline to register: January 30, 2014
Remember, there are no costs to participate in this program and the only paperwork required is the completion of a quick online registration form, found at: .
Thank you in advance for your consideration. Career Services looks forward to working with you on this exciting and beneficial program. 
If your organization has already registered to host UCF externs for the above programs, an email confirming your participation has been sent to the listed point of contact.
If you have further questions regarding the Job Shadowing/Externship Program please contact myself or my assistant, Victoria De Stefano at 407-823-6689 or Victoria . DeStefano @ ucf . edu .

Heather Engelking, Assistant Director                     

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