Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Florida Photonics Cluster Website Domain Name Change!

Hi Everyone,

Recently our domain was sold by our registrar to a very unethical party.

This 'domain troll' has offered to sell us the domain for $500. The cost for most domains is only a tenth of this or less and we felt that it was not in our best interest to give into what we believe is nothing short of extortion. We felt this would not be a responsible use of our funds.

Thus, going forward our domain will be Apart from not abetting unethical behavior, the .org domain is also in keeping with the non-profit nature of the organization. I apologize for any inconvenience caused over the past few months as we have struggled to sort this out. Below, I have included our discussions with this troll for your amusement.

I have to wonder how whether he actually get his expected return on his investment. In our opinion he just lost $50.


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