Monday, November 12, 2012

OIDA: U.S. Companies Capture 25% in Photonics Sales

Companies headquartered in North America capture nearly 10% of global photonics component revenues, although the share jumps to 25% if displays are excluded from the estimate, according to recent findings by OIDA. That position is highly diversified across many photonics technologies and industry sectors, providing some cushion through economic cycles. This contrasts with the combined photonics companies in each of Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, which are expecting slower growth due to their exposure to slow markets for displays and LEDs.
OIDA estimates that European companies capture about 6% of overall component revenues, or 14% of revenues if displays are excluded. Companies headquartered in Asia capture nearly all of the remaining share.
The global market for passive optical components is an estimated $14 billion, with North American companies capturing about 22% of that, according to OIDA. One-half of the revenues are earned by about 20 companies, each with optics sales greater than $100 million. The other half is earned by hundreds of companies, mostly making just a few million dollars per year.
Tom Hausken presented the findings at a corporate networking reception sponsored by Corning, at OSA’s Frontiers in Optics meeting in Rochester, NY in October. The session also included an interview with Dr. Michael Cumbo, President of IDEX Optics and Photonics.
A video of the OIDA presentation is available to OIDA members, and more details will be documented in an upcoming OIDA market report, coming later this year. Visit the OIDA Video Library page soon to view the video. 

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