Monday, October 22, 2012

Date Change: Lunch & Learn Seminar/ 11.9.12 / CREOL 102 / 11-2pm / “Meeting Measurement Challenges for Low-Power, Pulsed, or Modulated Light Sources”, Jay Jeong

Lunch & Learn Seminar: “Meeting Measurement Challenges for Low-Power, Pulsed, or Modulated Light Sources”, Jay Jeong
Friday, November 9, 2012 / 11-2pm

Jay Jeong

Traditionally, optical power meters have been used for continuous-wave (CW) light sources to measure average power. Recent advancements in photonics technologies have broadened the applications horizon into many different areas. An increasingly larger number of complex and diverse forms of light sources are designed into various systems and experimental setups. These complex light sources drive the need for more sensitive and versatile power measurement capabilities with unprecedented accuracy.
It is particularly challenging to measure a low-average-power pulsed light source, such as an LED or a low-power laser diode, especially when the electrical designers do not know the detailed optical characteristics of the light source. In addition to average optical power, many other parameters about the light source are important to obtain. For instance, what does the optical signal look like? Key information such as shape, frequency, and power level is needed to determine the system power budget and the overall system performance, as well as to validate the effectiveness of lower cost components. It is also important to identify which signal characteristics the detector or the detection system will measure. Researchers and engineers are interested in the pulse width and pulse shape of the signal.

Jay Jeong received his Ph.D. at Cornell University.  He started working at Newport as a process engineer for fiber alignment systems.  After taking various responsibilities in optical engineering, system engineering, and customer service, he was promoted to product marketing manager for Oriel Instrument.  He is currently senior product marketing manager responsible for photonics instruments.

Pizza and Soda will be provided!

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