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Seminar - 9.14.12 / CREOL 102 / 11-12pm / “New Perspectives in Laser Spectroscopy as A Science for Sensing, Monitoring and Diagnostics”, Matthieu Baudelet

Seminar: “New Perspectives in Laser Spectroscopy as A Science for Sensing, Monitoring and Diagnostics”, Matthieu Baudelet
Friday, September 14, 2012 / 11-12pm

Matthieu Baudelet
Laser & Plasma Laboratory, Townes Laser Institute,
CREOL – The College of Optics and Photonics, University of Central Florida

Lasers have had a profound impact on analytical sciences for the last 50 years, as light sources with higher brightness, irradiance, spectral resolution and coherence along with the improvement of spectral analyzers and detectors towards higher compactness, resolution and broader sensitivity range. These advances in technology have transformed the capabilities of laser spectroscopy as a diagnostic tool in applications ranging from environment monitoring, food analysis, national defense, to space exploration.
The Laser & Plasma Laboratory has been working to improve the integration of laser spectroscopy by providing spectral signatures of higher quality at both elemental and molecular level and replacing intensive chemical testing by spectroscopic analysis. With these advances we have tackled the inherent challenges associated with the extraction of quantitative information from complex spectra and samples by developing data analysis based on physical understanding of the spectral signatures. The Laser & Plasma Laboratory, in close collaboration with the National Center for Forensic Science at UCF, has worked on the development of chemometrics for quantitative decision making, especially for forensic analysis and Chemical, Biological Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) sensing.

This presentation provides an overview of applications of laser spectroscopy for atomic (LIBS) and molecular diagnostics (Ramans, IR absorption, fluorescence) performed during the last five years in the Laser & Plasma Laboratory towards quantitative analysis of food, bio-analysis, material characterization and CBRNE detection. Novel perspectives in laser spectroscopy for biomedical applications at the single cell level as well as metallomics for health monitoring will also be discussed along with future integration in food analysis, environment monitoring and stand-off quantitative sensing at the kilometer range by nonlinear laser propagation.

Matthieu Baudelet graduated his B.S. in Physics in the University of Lille (France) in 2003, starting his experience in Spectroscopy with Fourier-Transform Microwave Spectroscopy. In 2005, he graduated his M.S. in "Laser and Spectroscopy" in the University of Lyon (France) and continued to complete his Ph.D. in the 'Laboratoire de Spectrométrie Ionique et Moléculaire' (Lasim, Lyon) working on "Laser-induced plasma and spectroscopic analysis" under the direction of Pr. Jin YU. He showed the advantages of LIBS for biological sensing and food monitoring and wrote publications on the use of femtosecond pulses to improve this technique and the development of analytical techniques to understand and extract the maximum of information from the LIBS spectrum of bacteria.
Once graduated, he joined the Laser & Plasma Laboratory in CREOL to lead the “Laser Spectroscopy and Sensing” activity as a Senior Research Scientist. This activity started with the combination of laser filamentation and LIBS for sensing applications at large distances of explosives under a DOD MURI program. For four years, he has developed and enlarged the scope of the activity to molecular spectroscopy (fluorescence, Raman, IR) and its fusion with atomic spectroscopy for food and environmental monitoring as well as optical manipulation and multi-spectral characterization of single biological cells with optical tweezers. A large aspect of his research concerns as well the quantitative extraction of information from spectroscopic data for high confidence decision making. His research led to the publication of 16 peer-reviewed papers, 2 patents, 13 conference proceedings, 6 press releases and more than 100 presentations in conferences.

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