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New Speaker Added - OIDA Telecommunications Workshop at LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA, March 2012

OIDA Optical Fiber Communications Workshop

21 March 2012, Shanghai, China

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This unique program features: international expert speakers, networking opportunities, an exhibit hall tour, conference materials and registration to the LASER World of Photonics China Trade Show

Updated Presenters:

  • ADVA, Jorg Elbers - NEW
  • EOvation Technologies LLC, USA: Frederick Leonberger
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong: Andrew W. Poon
  • Huawei Technologies North America, USA: Reg Wilcox
  • WTD (Wuhan Telecommunication Devices Co., Ltd.), China: Kevin Lu

The workshop will focus on optical fiber communications networks, key components and markets. Current status and future trends in optical fiber communications will be discussed in both invited presentations and a panel discussion featuring the speakers. Workshop topics are described below.

Markets – The status and forecast of the markets for fiber optic equipment and components will be reviewed. Emphasis will be on market drivers that provide impetus to system deployments and component demand.

Networks – The most recent developments in telecommunications networks ranging from long haul to fiber to the home will be discussed. In long haul networks, topics for discussion include: recent & planned network deployments, economics of current and future 100 Gb/s systems, and key technological challenges and new research trends. In access/FTTH networks new architectures, network economics, and customer penetration will be discussed.

Components – Key technologies for long-haul and metro systems and status of commercial devices and research results for 10, 40 and 100G applications, both for transmit and reconfiguration will be discussed. Additionally, in view of the tremendous research activity in integrated photonics in China, the workshop will feature a talk that summarizes the current status of integrated photonics research in China.

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