Saturday, October 29, 2011

Increase Your Profits with Social Media Made Easy!

Good News!

Jim Bowie is allowing semi-private social media trainings for groups of up to ONLY 10 people during the month of November at the UCF St. Cloud office.

These are NOT sponsored by the UCF program, just being held there. The programs are being presented by: Charlyn Shelton, Social Media Interpreter.

Many of you have already seen Charlyn in her presentations, now is your chance to work one on one with her!

Charlyn will be teaching semi-private 1/2 day sessions. You will bring your computers and we will actually have hands on training!

Learn how to make social media WORK for you!

You will have easy to understand instructions for who, what where when and why to use Social Media.

Get rich in your niche by learning the best techniques and how they apply to you.

Class schedule will be as follows:


Nov. 2, 2011 Facebook Basics for Business and How to Make it Work for YOU. 9:00am-12noon or 1:30pm-4:30pm

(10 only in each class)

How to get riche in your niche. SEO optimized.

Understanding how to 'connect the dots' to increase profits

How to Find Potential Clients

Customer Service in Real Time!

What do I do to prepare for all the new changes?

Classes are limited! First come first serve basis, everyone welcome! Click here to register:


Nov. 4, 2011 Facebook Fan/Business Pages Tips, Strategies and Marketing 9:00am-12noon or 1:30pm-4:30pm

What is the difference and why do I need one? (Classes limited to 10 each)

Quality vs. Quantity

Content - Conversation - Contests and more

How to build your fans

Best strategies for using a fan page.

Increase profits without increasing costs.

Global Marketing to 800 million-Facebook Ads

Classes Limited! First come first serve basis, everyone welcome! Click here to register:


Nov. 8, 2011 LinkedIn-How to Use to Find and Build Your Business 9:00am-12noon or 1:30pm-4:30pm


Nov. 10, 2011

What your profile should have and how to apply it

How to maximize your profile for SEO

How to use groups and events


How to become the 'expert' in your niche

100 million users, how to find your customers

Companies, what you need to know.

Classes Limited! First Come First Serve, Everyone welcome! Click here to register:

Be ready for the new year, get a jump on your competition and move ahead of the pack! Easy to understand with a HUGE ROI!

If you have any questions, contact Charlyn, she'd be happy to answer any of your concerns!

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