Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finding and Shattering the Barriers to Innovationin YOUR Company

Title: Finding and Shattering the Barriers to Innovation in YOUR Company

Presenters: Helmut Albrecht, Enable Consulting Corporation

Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time: 3:00-5:00 Location: University Tower Building located at 12201 Research Parkway,

2nd Floor large conference room #211, Orlando, FL., 32826

Fee: $20 (Free to only UCF Incubator clients and Florida Photonics Cluster members)

RSVP to Renee Ayala at 407-882-0202 or via email

The natural bias of most organizations restricts rather than encourages the flow of innovative business ideas. Few organizations understand how to identify the barriers to innovation and develop strategies to overcome them and positively affect revenues and competitiveness. Few are equipped to execute a seemingly illogical "winning move" to which a competitor will not be able to respond.

This workshop will walk you through use of the Kai Method.a five-step process of strategy development to build innovative strategic thinking skills in your company.

Step 1 - Discontent helps you dissect and articulate your greatest challenge in a way that raises the

sense of urgency to creatively find alternatives.

Step 2 - Imagine helps you conceive creative strategies to achieve a business vision.

Step 3 - Formation focuses on a scientific method of making the right choices in strategic thinking

Step 4 - Breakout enables you to accelerate the strategy cycle to stay ahead of the competition

Step 5 - Consolidation illustrates how to build sustainable defenses against the competition

Enable Consulting brings together powerful experienced people, processes and practices that result in improved client productivity, efficiency and profitability. Enables' partners are top tier talent with extensive operating and advisory experience in Management, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales Marketing, Distribution and Human Resources. Enables' partners focus is onassisting companies translate strategic objectives into operating tactics and successful results. Helmut Albrecht is an experienced change advisor, combining his analytical engineering background with in-depth strategic creativity experience. He has a proven track record in starting new business ventures within established organizations and in transforming companies from a product to a solution provider. As an expert certified KaiMethod, Helmut helps clients seize strategic options that others ignore.

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