Tuesday, July 13, 2010

“Fiber Lasers from Concept and Emerging Technologies to Industrial Applications”

“Fiber Lasers from Concept and Emerging Technologies to Industrial Applications”


July 22, 2010

10:00am - 11:00am

Dr. Eric Delevaque

Manlight S.A.S.


Dr. Eric Delevaque, CEO & CTO of Manlight S.A.S., will present an

overview of Manlights fiber laser and amplifier technologies and

applications. Manlights patented pump injector technology will be

reviewed along with its integrated laser cavity and double cladding

fiber lasers. Manlights CW and pulsed fiber lasers are utilized for a

variety of applications including LIDAR, remote sensing, marking,

telemetry, micromachining, and welding.


Dr. Eric Delevaque is a fiber optic veteran; he has 20 years of

experience in the fiber optic industry. Eric is an international expert

in the specialized field of Lasers & Optical Amplification and managed

the France Telecom R&D Optical Laboratory (CNET) in Lannion for 8


He gained valuable experience and reputation in the Worldwide Business

& International Finances when he co-founded Highwave Optical

Technologies as a spinout of France Telecom, leading the company as CEO

from the establishment in the Year 1998 to 2003.

One of his biggest achievements at Highwave was a successful IPO on the

Nouveau Marché, raising €90 million at a €500 million pre-money

valuation. In addition to his CEO responsibilities, Eric also acted in

the role of Highwaves Chief Scientific Officer. He is currently the CEO

and CTO at Manlight S.A.S.

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UCF Trustee Chair: Northrup Grumman Professor of X-ray Photonics &

Director Townes Laser Institute



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